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Tamturky Real Estate Consulting Group started its business in providing various business services and consulting to its clients.
Our main goal and priority in Tamturky Group is to create trust and security in business for our esteemed customers and investors, who are looking for a better life for their family or starting a new business in Turkey.

The efforts of our expert consultants provide the right and accurate solution according to your needs and budget. Our experts will explain all the service steps for buying real estate in Turkey and investing step by step, and they will be with you in all these steps.
Tamturky Group is the legal representative of reputable Turkish projects.
Some services of Tamturky :
• Buying and selling real estate
• Turkish real estate agency
• Obtaining Turkish citizenship
• Company registration and business affairs
• Tourism and immigration services

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We are committed to providing expertise, experience to you

Buying and selling property :

For the official purchase of property in Turkey in the first stage after visiting the property, review (document, completion of work and other items) and liking the property, the initial contract is written in the property and is signed by the parties to the contract.
If the property selected for purchase in Turkey is a second-hand purchase and cash purchase, usually an amount is paid as a deposit or kapura to the real estate or intermediary company and the contract is concluded. The provisions of the contract are very important. Or a fine in case of cancellation, which according to the law must be paid by either party in case of cancellation to the other party.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship :

In 2017, the Turkish government gave the green light to those foreign nationals who intend to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment (to obtain a Turkish passport); As a result, through changes, the process became easier. In this way, foreign nationals, especially Iranians, can stay in Turkey for 90 days with an Iranian passport, and if they want to stay longer than this, they can apply for a residence permit from the Immigration Office. Accommodation »to receive Turkey. Read more…
Company registration and business affairs
Registration of a company in Turkey has different stages and types that should be checked. In addition, one of the methods of immigration and obtaining residence in Turkey is done by registering a company in this country. In this method, you first register your company in Turkey and then Depending on the initial capital of the company, you can receive residence in Turkey for its shareholders. In Turkey, the initial capital of the company is at least 1000 lira, for which one person can apply for residency for every 4000 lira. Of course, to begin with, no more than two people can apply for residency at the same time.

Obtaining residence in Turkey :

If you are looking for up-to-date information about settling in Turkey, this is for you.
In this website, in addition, we will give a general explanation of the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, the easiest and best way to obtain a residence permit and the necessary documents, extension conditions, benefits and problems. The following questions are also answered below:
• Why stay in Turkey?
• What are the types of ways to get a residence permit in Turkey?
• What is the fastest and best way to get a residence permit in Turkey?

Tourism and tour services :

Tourism and tour services Domestic and foreign tours are considered as tourism services. Setting up various tours to suit all tourist tastes is one of our company’s special services.
Travel to all parts of the world with recreational attractions, tourism and pilgrimage are among the tour programs.
In holding these tours, all the efforts of the officials are to provide the best domestic tourism services, whether in terms of accommodation, visiting commercial and entertainment centers, nutrition and providing other amenities.

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